Warranty responsibility

Clinic Odontopractica guarantees safety, functional and cosmetic usefulness of fillings and dentures for two years, except for complex cases that are specifically discussed with the patient, when, for reasons beyond the control of the dentist, no guarantee can be given. During the warranty period, the patient should be inspected in the hospital every six months – it is a prerequisite of preserving the warranty as it allows to remove small defects, correct fillings and dentures. During the warranty period the work is done for free. Period of further post-warranty service of the filling or denture is determined by the quality of the material which they are made of, and on average it is between 3 and 8 years.

Especially we would like to emphasize that this quality assurance applies regardless of the price level of work.Please note that Clinic Odontopractica only guarantees safety, functional and cosmetic usefulness of fillings and dentures. Warranty doesn’t apply to such treatment complications as toothache under the filling or denture, denture breakage or fracture of the tooth due to injury, etc.


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