Treatment of children in the clinic Odontopractica

The main peculiarity of dental treatment in children, especially up to 6 – 7 years old, is that it is difficult to establish confidential contact required to overcome the fear of treatment. This can take a lot of time and nervous energy of the doctor. And even under these conditions, the result – child's consent to treatment – can not be guaranteed. 

These difficulties, together with the economic realities of the clinic are forcing us to evaluate the treatment of children not only according to the results but also according to the cost of time, even in cases where the treatment could not be held.

The only alternative to this approach, which allows to avoid the strong mental injury to a child, is the treatment under general anesthesia. We recommend this method because it will keep the trust of your child to the doctor, anticipate formation at the back of child’s mind of sustained negative reaction to the treatment, which can remain for the rest of his or her life. 

Another peculiarity of the treatment of children is the usage of the most advanced, most modern and therefore expensive dental materials. The necessity for this is due to numerous anatomical, physiological and psychological characteristics of the child and is explained by an attempt (desire) to get optimal treatment outcome in extremely difficult conditions.