Our services

The primary use we see for our clinic is to >help everyone who contacts us, so the priority is an ultimate interactivity. We provide assistance in all fields of dentistry in the maximum range of the prices (three price levels for most offering services). Here is a directory of dental care we provide.

Systematic list of the types of dental care

Therapeutic services (treatment of teeth, mucous membrane and periodontium)

  • Tooth Filling

    • Photopolimer`s fillings (based composites and glass ionomer)

    • Tooth feelling with inlays

      • Metal inlay

      • Composites inlay

      • Ceramics inlay (porcelain)

  • Dental care and tooth filling of radical canals

    • Metal anchoring system (dental syringes)

    • Fiberglass anchoring system (dental syringes)

  • Dental bleaching

  • Occupational hygiene and treatment of periodontal diseases (gingivitis, periodonsis, periodontal disease)

    • Scaling ultrasonic scaler

    • Teeth polishing

    • Periodontal biofilm removing by the device "Vektor"

    • Teeth-splinting


Dental Orthopedic service (prosthetics)

Fixed dentures

  • Dental crowns and frameworks

    • metal

    • plastmassa (acrylic)

    • composite materials

    • cermet

    • All-ceramic prosthetics with press ceramics

    • All-ceramic prosthetics based on zirconium oxide (Zirconia)

  • Dental inlays and onlays made of

    • Metal

    • Composite

    • Ceramic (porcelain)

  • Veneers (laminates)

    • Composite veneers

    • Metal veneers

  • Removable partie dentures

    • Acrylic-plastic-based removable partial dentures

    • Nylon-based removable partial dentures

    • Acetal-based removable partial dentures

    • Clasp-retained removable partial dentures

    • Dental protective guards 

Dental surgical service

  • Tooth extraction

  • Outpatient surgery

  • Dental implant procedure

  • Sinus lift procedure

  • Bone grafting (Bone Augmentation, Osteoplasty)

  • Mucosa plastic surgery (soft tissue augmentation)


Dental orthodontic service (dentition alignment and occlusal rehabilitation, "teeth alignment")

  • Removable orthodontic appliances (plates)

  • Braces

    • Metal braces

    • Ceramic braces (porcelain)

    • Sapphire braces

    • Dental braces

  • Orthodontic trainers (medical dental silicone trays)

General dentistry

  • Dental anaesthesia

  • Dental Radiology

    • Periapical x-ray

    • Orthopantomogram

    • CT scan

    • Diagnostic testing for drug hypersensitivity


«Omnes, quantum potes, juva»

Our Clinic offers its patients the most comprehensive range of outpatient dental care, covers almost all spheres of dentistry and includes a list of the best possible services and therapeutic manipulation.