About Us

History of the First Private Clinic Odontopractica development

Our company was founded in 1990 (the first name "Denta"). At that time there were two doctors working in the enterprise – spouses Volodymyr and Liubov Mohylnyk. One of the assistants was their son – Oleksii – back then a student of Poltava Medical College. At that point of time it was the only Ukrainian private medical enterprise.
The main motive to create a company was the desire to return to the traditional professional and human values ​​in their conventional civilized sense, to master a civilized model of medical care.
In the first phase, the company leased a dental office in a small canning factory in the city of Poltava. A year and a half later, we managed to purchase a minimum amount of equipment, to rent an office in the city center and to establish our own dental office. A year later, we equipped one more room in the same building. During the next 4 – 5 years, we were able to expand the clinic in the rented space of three rooms and a dental laboratory, purchase equipment for the rooms and laboratory, purchase the leased premises.
Three generations of our family participated in the creation of Clinic Odontopractica. My father – Mohylnyk Vasyl Opanasovych – was a well-known dentist in the town. He organized in the 60s Orthopedic Department of the Regional Dental Clinic and was managind it for a long time. His experience, style of communication with patients, the attitude towards human problems helps us now a lot. The Clinic is staffed also by the representatives of younger generation of our family – Andrii, Yuliia and Artem.
 Currently Odontopractica Clinic is operating in volume of 4 rooms (6 seats) and a dental laboratory for two technologies. The Clinic is focused on providing a wide range of dental care in a wide range of prices (three price levels of execution are suggested for the majority of treatments). That is, we try to cover all kinds of dental care and provide them to the maximum number of people. This is the fundamental idea of our business model – to provide assistance to everyone who needs it.

«Omnes, quantum potes, juva»

Our Clinic offers its patients the most comprehensive range of outpatient dental care, covers almost all spheres of dentistry and includes a list of the best possible services and therapeutic manipulation.