Odontopractica - the First Private Dental Clinic


Dental Clinic Odontopractica offers to its patients the most comprehensive range of outpatient dental care, covers almost all spheres of dentistry and includes a list of the best possible services and therapeutic manipulation.

Patients reception is usually carried out through a previous recording after the compulsory examination by the doctor. Workload in the clinic Odontopractica per visit is planned in accordance with the patient’s wishes. All treatments are carried out with the obligatory use of anesthesia.

If you have presented with acute dental pain, we will try to find time and receive you, although during the scheduled reception doctor is not always able to stop therapeutic manipulation. You may have to wait or come back later. Call us at the phone numbers listed at the top of our website.

Dental Clinic Odontopractica is waiting for you! 

Treatment is an interaction

There are three of us: you, me and the disease. If you and I unite – we will overcome it. These words of Hippocrates, addressed both to doctors and patients, will be always relevant, as they illuminate the main premise of medical practice – the cooperation of doctor and patient, based on mutual trust and respect. Therefore, the staff of the Dental Clinic Odontopractica, is striving for these eternal ideals of medicine. This helps us to help you.